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As Margarita Nikolaevna

Di has just completed a two-month run of The Master and Margarita, Or, The Devil Comes to Moscow, adapted for the stage by Jean-Claude Van Itallie from the cult masterpiece by Mkihail Bulgakov. Di’s portrayal of Margarita Nikolaevna received raved reviews from critics and the production had sold out every one of its performances at Pushkin Hall.

Di Zhu, a young New York-based actress of Chinese descent, is challenging preconceived notions of Margarita. Her strong and emotional performance makes you forget your expectations and you simply enjoy the beauty of art.
— Russia Beyond The Headlines
Ms. Zhu is left alone in the center of an empty stage...we see sexy, untethered, animal passion...The seductive glowing embers of hatred and desire. We witness all this in Ms. Zhu’s eyes. There’s a reason the audience bursts into applause as she exits the stage.
— Theater Pizzazz
...Zhu’s Margarita, who proves capable of witchy abandon but is grounded in the character’s ardor and determination... Thanks to Zhu’s passionate performance, we get one of the most stirring themes in Bulgakov’s novel (and in his life): that in times of tyrants, the preservation of art requires courage, sacrifice, and human kindness.
— Village Voice
Zhu – for her part – with her talent, passion and sophisticated elegant beauty offers a striking, emotional and involving representation of the co-protagonist of the story: she is able to take the spectator by hand over the emotional, intense, crazy rollercoaster of events that will ultimately set Margarita free forever along with her beloved Master.
— Live-In Style Magazine
Di Zhu’s inspired Margarita was such that audience held its breath during her dramatic moments...
— Voice of America



Returning as Anna Akhmatova

Di will resume her role as Anna Akhmatova in Enemies Of The People: Poetry & Music Under Stalinist Regime. This production played to sold-out houses at The Russian Arts Theater & Studio’s beautiful Pushkin Hall and will return for an encore run in February 2019! For tickets, please visit